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Source: Divinity 20/11/2017

Now you can find us on the December edition of the magazine Divinity!

You can take a look at our clipping on the page 130, and besides , we have been chosen for a shooting with the model and influencer Carla Di Pinto.

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Thanks once again for trusting us, and thanks to Pau Palacios, Alba & Africa for the photos and collaboration.


Source: Sh Barcelona 03/08/2017

We have been interviewed by Sh Barcelona, and you can now find us at their blog, pioneer in all the latest trends and news of what is happening in Barcelona.

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Photo Shoot @ The Onsider

Source: Dochkimateri 04/04/2017

During the last year we had the pleasure that the Russian magazine Dockhimateri shoot some photos for its Fashion section in one of our apartments.

We are delighted that they continue to choose us in Barcelona for the realization of these wonderful photos!

Thanks to the model Maria Pepelova, the photographer Nikolay Zverkov and of course, the whole team of the magazine for trusting us.

A New life in Barcelona – A New Home @ The Onsider

Source: Dochkimateri 17/11/2016

In recent years, Barcelona took its place in the top ten most popular destinations among Russians who have decided to give birth abroad. Among the main reasons to fly to one of the most beautiful European cities, Russians are choosing Barcelona to give birth to their new family members.

Apart from the excellent climate, the clinics prices are quite inviting along with the high levels of medicine and good selection of private hospitals.

Another relevant factor is the possibility of the head of family to fly and to be close to his wife in the desired time (from Moscow to Barcelona daily direct flights). Also, if you have older kids, Barcelona offers the comfort of one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly cities in Europe, with an incredible number of schools prepared to teach foreign nationals. In addition, once your baby is born in Spanish territory he will be granted Spanish nationality…

Urban Connaiseur, The Onsider is Expanding

Source: BCNMAG 11/11/2016

the onsider luxury apartments barcelona

The Onsider oversees the opening of another historical building in Barcelona and plans its expansion to other cities.

After its first opening in Barcelona in 2015, more than one year later this home-away-from-home concept is definitely evolving and overwhelming those who travel frequently but that also value and look for a proper place to land – as well as some sort of “best friend” guide when visiting a different city.

In fact, the first The Onsider building located at Aribau Street in Barcelona has its occupational rate almost at 100% and whenever a resident moves another immediately settles in…

Extended Stay Apartments & Luxury Residences in Barcelona

Date: 26/10/2016

In the world of travel there are just as many options of where to go as there are types of accommodations once you get there.

Barcelona as destination is no exception. There is so much offer when it comes to accommodation that not even the price is enough to help you choosing, or simply differentiating which is the best place to stay.

At The Onsider we suggest you to start by asking yourself what do you really want and need.  Do you want to be pampered in the lap of luxury? Do you want to do more activities? Do you want to live like a local or be treated like a tourist?

In any case, if you need to be away from home for an extended time – 4 weeks or more, but less than a year – The Onsider Extended-Stay Luxury Residences can offer you one of the best accommodation options in Barcelona (besides a family member who is willing to put up with you for that long).

The main differences between staying at The Onsider instead of picking a regular apartment include the fact that:

  • Your residence will get regularly cleaned, sheets changed
  • You will not have to worry about bills nor other extras such as internet and satellite tv, etc
  • Usually we require a smaller deposit than vacation rental apartments
  • Our guest relations manager is always available to help you
  • We have staff at the building for maintenance, cleaning and security.

The Onsider Barcelona is the perfect choice for traveling professionals and families who want the comfort of a home-away-from-home atmosphere synchronized with Barcelona’s lifestyle.

Designed to accommodate long-term stays this is one of the most energy-efficiency and environmental friendly buildings in Barcelona offering the style and convenience of fully furnished and equipped apartments paired with unique guest relations services and daily living solutions.

'Shopping night' Intenz Diagonal devotes its third edition to pop art

Source: La Vanguardia – 03/06/2015

Musical performances, graffiti exhibitions, cinema, gastronomy and commerce were the basic ingredients of this edition -The Intenz Diagonal shopping night , had place on the 18 of June, 2015 and became part of the Diagonal Avenue, specifically the section between Joan Güell and Entença in a festival of fashion, food, culture and leisure.

Luxury Extended-stay Home Rental Arrives in Barcelona

Source: Expansion – 23/11/2015

The Onsider barcelona

So far, visitors with high purchasing power who wanted to stay in a high-end housing in Barcelona could choose between a holiday apartments with hotel services, that are sold by days or rent a home under the standard formula: with a minimum contract being one year . The rent of high end flats for long-term with concierge services included did not exist until now in Barcelona, but has become operational in the summer of 2015 achieving prices around the 7,000 euros per household per month. The Onsider Barcelona is one of the promoters that has opt-in for this business model.

Temporarily Living in Barcelona: Mrs. Hess Story

Source: 39yMas – 12/06/2015

With the idea of offering a unique way to experience the city of Barcelona for people who have to reside temporarily in the city and want to have the feeling of being at home even when they are away (home away from home ), Jean Paul Rivas, Sabina Schladitz and Alexandros Georgalos have joined forces to create a new business model. ( … ) In a 1929 building acquired by Jean Paul Rivas, a comprehensive reform led by Marc has been carried out in order to preserve the original features and elements that were restored by Cristina Thio so Barcelona’s lifestyle could be recreated in a comfortable, sophisticated and elegant way.

The Onsider Barcelona - A New Residential Concept

Source: VIP Style Magazine – 22/06/2015

Located at 306 Aribau Street in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi you will find The Onsider, a stately building from Barcelona’s late 20s architecture. The restoration of the front facade is evident but it keeps intact its essence and personality, just as Jean Paul Rivas wanted – the owner who gave a turn of 360 degrees to what we know as 5 star hotels and luxury apartments. From this premise comes an innovative extended-stay residential concept, a genuine brand in Barcelona under the statement “Living Made Easy“, in which it offers to its residents all types of living solutions, such as shopping services , dry cleaning and laundry, car washing, chef private kitchen, babysitting, dog -sitting and more, making the stay a unique, exceptional and unique experience .